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Comprehensive Hearing Tests

The quality of your hearing can be easily overlooked, mainly if you don’t experience any immediate symptoms. A lot of people think that hearing loss is a problem that can be dealt with further down the road. The reality, though, is that issues with hearing start earlier than expected.

Too many people think hearing tests are for people who already have a severe hearing loss. But a hearing test not only diagnoses hearing loss; it can show other physical and medical conditions you may not have heard about.

Experts recommend getting an annual hearing test once you turn 50. Regardless of your hearing ability, it’s never too early to take charge of your hearing!

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Oticon Hearing Aids

We are proud to be an Oticon Hearing Aid Supplier. Oticon has been introducing life-changing hearing technology onto the market for more than 115 years, meeting the needs and expectations of those with hearing loss worldwide.

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Pediatric and Adult Hearing Services

We are proud to provide comprehensive hearing health services for all members of the family!

People of any age may experience hearing loss, whether due to excessive noise at concerts, sporting events, or work environments, or only due to growing older. Hearing loss is a natural process of aging, affecting 1 in 3 people age 65 and older.

As for children, hearing is a vital component in their social and emotional cognitive growth. Even a mild hearing loss can put your son or daughter in trouble. This is why it is essential to get a hearing test for a child. The earlier you know of any hearing loss, the quicker you can find the right support for your child.

Welcome to Advanced Hearing Aids Associates

The sounds that you hear every day enrich your life more than you would think. From the rustling of the leaves on a morning walk to your grandchildren's laughter, these sounds are quickly taken for granted but dearly missed when gone. Hearing is one of our most precious senses and is vital to being connected to the world around us.

At Advanced Hearing Aid Associates, we are committed to bringing those sounds back to you. Our team of licensed qualified audiologists serves communities from Roxbury Township to Denville, providing quality hearing services to all family members, from kids to older adults.

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