Oticon was founded in 1904 and is a member of the Big Six major hearing aid manufacturers. Oticon’s origin story reflects its slogan “People First”: Hans Demant founded the company to develop hearing technology, inspired by his wife who had hearing loss herself. From these beginnings, Oticon is committed to helping people "communicate freely, to interact naturally and to actively participate."

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BrainHearing Technology

Oticon’s trademark BrainHearing Technology aims to compensate for the issues associated with hearing loss by maintaining the natural sound process in the brain and allowing both ears to work together to locate where the sounds originate.

BrainHearing Technology helps you concentrate on the sounds around you. At the same time, speech is given priority over other sounds to help the wearer distinguish voices from noise. Also, because each person's perceptions of sound are unique and personal, BrainHearing hearing devices can be programmed to accommodate these preferences with individual settings. The result is a naturally more effortless listening experience, even in the most demanding listening environments.

The Velox Platform

To date, Velox S is Oticon’s most powerful and advanced platform. It provides:

  • Highly sensitive detectors that trigger changes in the acoustic environment 56,000 times a second.
  • Proactive feedback management is supplied with signal processing algorithms.
  • Improved rechargeable battery performance.


OpenSound Navigator

Many of Oticon's models are built on an open sound model to accept multiple speakers. This unique approach to signal processing opens up to your environment. The OpenSound Navigator works so fast and accurately that unwanted noise can be reduced in any situation.

The OpenSound Navigator operates quickly, regularly rebalancing the sound landscape while providing continuous access to all the sounds and voices involved. By helping the brain concentrate naturally on what they need, OpenSound Navigator technology allows users to return to what they have been missing and enrich their lives.

RemoteCare App for Oticon Hearing Aid Users

If you have Oticon hearing aids, it could be beneficial to download the RemoteCare App. This app enables you to hold a virtual appointment with our team at Advanced Hearing Aid Associates and allows us to remotely adjust your hearing aids. Learn more about the Oticon RemoteCare app here and download instructions for use here.

Popular Oticon Hearing Aid Models


Oticon Opn S

Oticon's flagship model helps enhance speech understanding on a new level, enabling you to flourish in noisy settings and experience speech understanding at a level equal to healthy hearing.

Based on the popular Opn platform, the Opn S offers more brain speech cues, says goodbye to annoying feedback, and provides revolutionary connectivity options.

With Oticon rechargeable lithium-ion hearing aids, you will wake up to an entire day's worth of power for your device.


Oticon Opn Play

Opn Play allows kids to hear and learn better from the world around them, which is vital to their overall development. Open Play delivers optimal sound quality and improved understanding of speech even in the noisiest environments with multiple speakers, creating better listening conditions to meet the daily challenges of growing up.

The model helps to eliminate hearing aid feedback, which is a particularly irritating and distracting whistle sound that children hear when someone or something gets too close to their hearing aid, such as a hat or sports helmet. Open Play hearing aids can prevent feedback before it without compromising sound quality, allowing children to get back to playing and exploring the world around them.


Oticon Xceed

The Oticon Xceed range is built on a new Velox S platform. They are the first hearing aid for Oticon for severe to profound hearing losses that deliver access to the OpenSound Navigator (OSN), helping to increase amplification without whistling.


Oticon Ruby

The most recent addition to Oticon 's technology line provides a combination of sound quality, upgraded features and affordability. It delivers excellent sound quality, full rechargeability, and secure wireless connectivity in one complete solution — and all available to today's budget-conscious hearing aid users.