Hearing Tests

A detailed hearing test provides us with valuable details to determine the best course of care. Specific forms of hearing loss are treated medically or surgically, so before you consider hearing aids or other treatments, certain types of hearing loss must be excluded.

The hearing assessment can help us to know which hearing aids are best suited to your needs if it is determined that you can benefit from hearing aids. Here's what to expect at a hearing test.

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A few questions about your medical background will be asked. This allows us to determine if the hearing loss is due to an underlying medical cause.

Physical examination

An otoscope is used to look inside your ears, which allows us to inspect the ear canal and eardrum to decide whether blockages or anything unusual might be causing problems.

Three main tests are conducted:

  • Pure tone audiometry: We'll play a sound in your headphones with various pitches and volumes, and you'll raise your hand after you hear them.
  • Speech recognition: This measures speech understanding in noisy environments.
  • Tympanometry: This test helps us to decide whether fluid exists in the middle ear. Ear fluid is a common cause of hearing loss.

Review your results

Following these tests, the results are recorded on an audiogram, which shows your hearing ability within each frequency range. Based on the findings and lifestyle requirements, we will recommend specific types of treatment.


Hearing Aid Fittings

The word "fit" refers to more than to how your physical hearing aid fits your ear. Your audiogram results are also used to adapt your hearing aids to your specific volume and listening needs for different sound environments.

While this method is a great start, adjustments are probably needed as your hearing aids and listening preferences become more familiar.

For example, the initial volume assessment may be too loud for your comfort. Or it may just take time to get used to previously unheard sounds. We adapt your hearing aid settings until you're fully satisfied.

Hearing Aid Repairs

We offer repairs for all kinds of hearing aids, not just the ones purchased from our hearing practice.

The costs of repairing a broken or damaged hearing aid are influenced by various factors: whether the hearing device is under its warranty period, the level of damage to your device, and the cost of replacing the needed parts.

Under warranty, it will not cost you very much. If it is not guaranteed or purchased elsewhere, the cost of repair can be higher.

If you have any problem with your hearing aids, please contact us. We will help you get your devices to work again, or let you know if it is beyond repair.

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Tinnitus is a widespread condition affecting around 50 million Americans. Many people describe it as a hissing, rustling, or whispering. This may be chronic or sporadic, and it is not a disease itself, but a symptom of an underlying medical disorder.

Although tinnitus can't be cured, our hearing health workers provide measures to alleviate this persistent problem. Our suppliers use FDA-approved tinnitus therapies to treat and reduce your tinnitus.

Balance Testing

We perform audiological and balance tests to test how well the parts of your balance system are working together. The results of these assessments give us clues as to how to treat your dizziness and balance problems.

Custom Hearing Protection

Earplugs from the drugstore are a good start when it comes to the prevention of hearing loss. However, if you need them regularly for a particular purpose, it is best to have expert protection tailored to your ear and optimized to your choice of activity.

We can provide tailor-made earplugs for a variety of activities, including:

  • Live music.
  • Hunting and shooting.
  • Occupational protection.
  • Swimmers


Assistive Listening Devices

Even if you already enjoy the benefits of a hearing aid, you might need some more help in certain situations in your life. Helpful listeners can help you improve the speech-to-noise ratio, whether you're in a video chat or meeting with friends in the park. We are excited to help you find the device that appeals to your lifestyle.